What to Wear in Morocco


What to Wear in Morocco

What to Wear in Morocco & Dress Code Tips for Women & Men

Planning a trip to Morocco? Fantastic choice! From its bustling souks and vibrant cities to serene deserts and stunning beaches, Morocco offers a unique blend of experiences. But one crucial aspect of your travel preparation is deciding what to wear. Let’s dive into the best clothing choices for various parts of Morocco, ensuring you stay comfortable, stylish, and respectful of local customs.

Understanding Morocco’s Climate

Morocco’s Seasonal Weather

Morocco boasts a diverse climate influenced by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Sahara Desert. Summers can be scorchingly hot, especially inland, while coastal areas enjoy milder temperatures. Winters are generally mild but can be surprisingly cold, particularly in the Atlas mountains and desert.

Regional Variations

Different regions in Morocco experience varied weather patterns. Coastal cities like Casablanca and Rabat have a Mediterranean climate, while inland cities such as Marrakech experience extreme temperature fluctuations. The Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert each have their unique weather challenges, demanding specific clothing considerations.

Cultural Considerations

Respecting Local Customs

Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country with a conservative dress code. While Moroccan cities are quite modern, it’s important to dress modestly to show respect for local traditions. This means covering your shoulders, cleavage, and knees in most settings.

Balancing Style and Modesty

You can still express your personal style while respecting cultural norms. Opt for loose, breathable fabrics that cover your skin. Think flowy maxi dresses, loose trousers, and long skirts paired with stylish blouses or tunics. Remember, modest doesn’t mean boring!

General Clothing Tips

Lightweight Fabrics

Lightweight, natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and bamboo are ideal for Morocco’s climate. These materials are breathable, helping you stay cool in the heat and comfortable in cooler temperatures.

Layering for Versatility

Layering is your best friend when packing for Morocco. Mornings and evenings can be chilly, even in the summer, so having a light jacket or cardigan to layer over your clothes will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

What to Wear in Moroccan Cities

Marrakech palace

Casablanca and Rabat

Casablanca and Rabat are relatively modern and cosmopolitan. You’ll see a mix of traditional and western attire. Women can wear tailored pants, knee-length skirts, and blouses, while men can stick to light trousers and shirts.

Marrakech and Fes

Marrakech and Fes are a bit more traditional. Women might prefer maxi dresses or long skirts with blouses, and men can wear lightweight long pants and short-sleeve shirts. A scarf is handy for both sun protection and modesty at religious sites.

Dressing for Rural Areas and Small Towns

Traditional Attire Insights

In smaller towns and rural areas, locals dress more conservatively. Women may feel more comfortable in a djellaba (a long, loose-fitting outer robe) or kaftan, while men might wear traditional jellabas or loose trousers.

Practical Rural Outfits

Comfort and practicality are key. Wear sturdy, comfortable shoes as the terrain can be uneven. Long sleeves and pants will protect you from the sun and insects.

Beachwear and Coastal Regions

Appropriate Swimwear

While beach resorts are more relaxed, it’s still best to opt for modest swimwear. Women can wear one-piece swimsuits or tankinis, and men should avoid very short trunks.

Beach to Street Transition

When leaving the beach, cover up with a sundress or kaftan. Men can wear lightweight shirts over their swim trunks. This approach respects local customs while keeping you comfortable.

Desert Adventures

Desert Morocco
Desert Morocco

Sahara Desert Essentials

Heading to the Sahara? You’ll need a mix of light and protective clothing. During the day, wear loose, long-sleeve shirts and pants to protect from the sun and sand. A hat and sunglasses are crucial.

Staying Cool and Protected

Temperatures drop significantly at night, so pack warm layers like a fleece jacket and thermal leggings. A scarf or shawl is useful for both sun protection during the day and warmth at night.

Mountainous Regions

Atlas Mountains Packing List

For the Atlas Mountains, think layers. Daytime can be warm, but nights are cold. Pack a mix of lightweight clothes and warm layers, including a good-quality jacket, warm socks, and gloves if you’re hiking.

Warm Clothing for Cool Nights

Even in summer, nights in the mountains can be chilly. A thermal shirt, woolen hat, and insulated jacket will keep you cozy.

Footwear Choices

Ait ben Haddou Kasbah, Morocco
Ait ben Haddou Kasbah, Morocco

Walking Shoes for Urban Exploration

Comfortable walking shoes are essential for exploring Moroccan cities. Choose breathable, closed-toe shoes for protection and comfort. Sandals with good support are also a great option.

Hiking Boots for Adventurers

If you plan on hiking in the mountains or desert, invest in a pair of sturdy, comfortable hiking boots. Make sure they’re broken in before your trip to avoid blisters.

Accessories to Consider

Sun Protection Gear

The Moroccan sun can be intense. Pack a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses with UV protection, and high-SPF sunscreen. A lightweight scarf can also provide sun protection.

Stylish yet Practical Additions

A crossbody bag is perfect for keeping your valuables secure while shopping in the souks. Lightweight jewelry and a couple of versatile scarves can add style to your outfits without taking up much space.

Packing for Various Activities

Essaouira, Morocco
Essaouira, Morocco

Shopping and Market Visits

For a day of shopping, wear comfortable, modest clothing. A lightweight, long-sleeve shirt and pants or a skirt will keep you cool and covered. Comfortable shoes are a must, as you’ll be doing a lot of walking.

Dining and Nightlife

Moroccan restaurants and nightspots range from casual to upscale. For dining out, women can wear a nice dress or blouse with pants, and men can opt for smart-casual attire. Carry a light jacket for cooler evenings.

Travel Essentials

Comfortable Travel Outfits

For traveling between destinations, comfort is key. Wear loose, breathable clothing and bring a light sweater or scarf for air-conditioned transport.

Packing Light and Smart

Moroccan streets can be uneven, so a rolling suitcase isn’t always practical. Consider a sturdy backpack or duffel bag. Pack versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to minimize luggage.

Dos and Don’ts

Cultural Sensitivity

Always dress modestly in public spaces. Avoid overly revealing clothing and be mindful of your surroundings. When in doubt, observe what locals are wearing and follow suit.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t pack too many heavy clothes; lightweight layers are more practical. Avoid flashy or overly casual outfits in urban areas. Remember to bring comfortable shoes – you’ll be walking a lot!


Choosing what to wear in Morocco can seem daunting, but with these tips, you’ll be prepared for any adventure. Respect local customs, dress comfortably, and embrace the vibrant culture. Pack smart, layer up, and get ready to explore the stunning landscapes and bustling cities of Morocco!


What should women avoid wearing in Morocco?
Women should avoid wearing revealing clothing such as short skirts, tank tops, and low-cut blouses. It’s best to dress modestly to respect local customs.

Is it okay to wear shorts in Morocco?
While shorts are acceptable in some touristy areas, it’s generally better to wear long pants or skirts to blend in with the local dress code.

How do I dress for religious sites?
When visiting mosques or religious sites, ensure your shoulders, knees, and head (for women) are covered. A scarf or shawl is useful for this purpose.

**What should I pack for a Moroccan

For winter in Morocco, pack warm layers such as a thermal shirt, woolen sweater, insulated jacket, and warm pants. Nights can be quite cold, especially in the mountains and desert.

Can I wear sandals in Morocco?
Yes, sandals are fine, especially in hot weather. Choose ones with good support for walking. For hiking or exploring rugged areas, closed-toe shoes or boots are better.

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